Fall 2019 Research and Scholarship Fair |September 18th| 1-3pm|Newcomb Ballroom

WHAT: The goal of this event is to present the opportunities available to undergraduate researchers at U.Va. and to give interested students a way to get involved in undergraduate research.
WHO: Professors with open research assistant position in their labs for undergraduate students.
WHY: Undergraduate students often have questions regarding how to get involved in research, what opportunities are available (programs and lab focus), and what they can expect from involvement. These questions are often better answered in person, so we are hosting an event where students can directly talk to people involved in research, learn more and get involved. This will kickstart URN’s Research and Scholarship week to allow students to follow up on their interests later in the week.
Format – The general format of the event will be table/poster based to foster personal interaction. Undergraduate students will wander through tables of different research programs to speak to lab representatives about possible research interests and opportunities to get involved.
Content – We are trying to offer a broad range of studies during this fair in order to expose students to research in all fields, including the humanities, social sciences, and hard sciences.
We are looking for lab representatives, preferably the PI but can be an undergraduate or graduate representative, who will bring a poster/visual aid that can be used at the table to help them talk about the primary research goals of their labs and how the undergraduate student would fit into them.
Extras! – The event will be catered, so there will be small snacks and drinks available!