Research and COVID-19

To reduce the risks of students or researchers being exposed to SARS-CoV-2 or exposing others to it, UVA has implemented guidelines to return to normal research procedures. All personnel must practice social distancing, wash hands regularly, limit gatherings, wear face coverings and follow other safety expectations.

Currently, research at UVA is in Phase 1, in which researchers and select graduate students are allowed to conduct research on-Grounds. Undergraduate students are not permitted to work in research on-Grounds. If disease spread is considered to be under control, UVA may move to Phase 2 and more graduate students and other staff can work in labs. In Phase 3, individuals can work as normal and undergraduates may be allowed in labs.

Please visit the following UVA sites for more detailed information:

UVA Research Ramp-Up Guidance.

UVA Return to Grounds.

Although undergraduates are not currently able to work in labs, The Undergraduate Research Network aims to continue supporting students by providing advising, online workshops, opportunities to publish research in our Oculus journal and other relevant resources.