Technical Skills

Good researchers are constantly trying to learn new skills. Whether brushing up on their stats knowledge or working through matplotlib tutorials, they recognize that learning new skills makes them more productive–plus it can be very fun! There are a lot of awesome tutorials on the web and we don’t pretend to be experts on any of these skills, just competent Googlers looking to save you time an aggravation. We’ve compiled as list of crash courses that introduce helpful research tools so you can begin to incorporate them into your work.


Intro to Excel:

Excel skills can be split up into three basic categories: basic, intermediate, and advanced. All of them can be catamount for creating useful, presentable excel documents.

This video details the basics of making graphs from the data you possess.

This website provides a large number of advanced formulas, under the “formulas” section, so simply click on the tutorial you need, and it will link you to a useful video.




A quick intro to statistics: highlights from Kahn Academy




More videos like the ones linked can be found here:


We also recommend this free online textbook:



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