Symposium Chair

Anthara Gnanakumar

My name is Anthara Gnanakumar and I am the Chair of the Symposium Committee. I am a second-year in the College of Arts and Sciences, hoping to double major in neuroscience and English while on the pre-med track. I became involved with URN during the fall semester of my first year at UVA and have since been dedicated to promoting research to the greater UVA community, specifically via the annual symposium that showcases the research of students in various disciplines. I am excited to expand my role as a member of the executive board and make research more accessible to students of all interests and backgrounds. My own research is conducted at the Lynch Lab in Fontaine Research Park, where I am investigating differences between males and females in the neural basis of addiction to commonly abused substances. Outside of URN, I volunteer at the UVA Children’s Hospital, am part of the committee that puts together the annual Pancakes for Parkinson’s event, and enjoy reading, dancing, and photography!