About Us

General Contact:



Anthara Gnanakumar
Contact: ag4zh@virginia.edu


Daniel Ayoub
Contact: dsa8cx@virginia.edu


Chair: Vaishnavi Madhavan
Contact: vm4kb@virginia.edu

The Outreach Committee’s main goal is to publicize and carry out the mission of the Undergraduate Research Network to all respective schools and disciplines. The committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing many of the activities for UVA’s annual Research Week. In the past, some of these activities have included workshops, URN’s annual research symposium, fireside chats with faculty and much more. In the future we hope to expand URN’s scope to all fields of study and better inform the study body of our organization’s happenings through the use of the weekly newsletter and social media accounts.

Officers: Gabriel Andrade, Katie Chang, Surabhi Ghatti, Dave Gutierrez, Sheena Kachru, Andrew Toler

Research and Scholarship 

Chair: Caroline Bereuter
Contact: cb7vh@virginia.edu

The mission of the Research & Scholarship committee is to provide programming to the undergraduate community covering how to get involved in research across grounds and how to find funding for that research. We aim to target research opportunities in all fields, from the sciences to the arts and humanities. Events include educational information sessions along with formal and informal networking events. Our main events occur during Research & Scholarship Week, a week aimed at providing information and opportunities to students as they start a new year, with the largest event being a Research Fair for professors to advertise open positions in their labs.

This semester we are working on multiple initiatives that include increased first-year outreach, creating a Scholarship Database for greater grant and scholarship accessibility, running Fireside Chat professor talks and study breaks, and continuing to plan for the Research Fair and R&S week.

Officers: George Fairman, Shomik Ghose, Ethan Jones, Cassidy Kelly, Nayiri Krzysztofowicz, Hannah Repke, Jeffrey Roberts, Warren Wheaton


Chair: Nidhi Purohit
Contact: nmp6sv@virginia.edu

The main goal of the Symposium Committee is to design and organize the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. This year, we are partnering with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to host this event, and our hope is to provide a platform for students to present their research to faculty, peers, and the greater Charlottesville community. Every year, we bring researchers together from a variety of disciplines within the sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences. In the future, we aspire to continue developing the symposium to fully embody the University of Virginia’s pursuit of discovery and knowledge.

Officers: Abrar Idrissi, Aditya Singh, Christine Tran, Meghana Sunkara, and Rupa Nallamothu


Chair: Niphattha (Pat) Wongwiset

The technology Committee works on 3 main parts: UNLEASH, website, and email support. We hope to encourage undergraduate students who are interested in research to get involved and gain their experience as much as possible by publicizing and updating research-related news online. The UNLEASH team handles on the research opportunities available and collaborate closely with officers from the Center of Undergraduate Excellence. The Website team is working on the design, construction, and maintenance of the URN website. The email support team is responsible for the feedback and questions to develop URN from the students and faculties’ perspectives.

Officers: Brandon Cho, Chitanya Dhanireddy, Eric Odermatt, Isaani Patnaik, Tarun Vippa


Chair: Aman Kapadia
Contact: ark2er@virginia.edu

The Workshops Committee designs and implements programs to equip students with skills and resources for the world of research. Ranging from career-planning workshops to practical guidance on writing grants and interactions with primary literature, we seek to improve the quality of presentation and involvement in scholarly inquiry at the University. Workshops also seeks to increase awareness for department organized lectures, workshops, and events through the publication of a weekly email newsletter. Eventually, we hope that departments will look to publicize their events in our newsletter. We also hope to offer small travel grants for UVA undergraduate students who hope to attend a workshop or conference outside of the UVA community. The longterm goal of the workshops committee is to expand our focus beyond URN-sponsored events to help students utilize resources offered by UVA, the Charlottesville community, Virginia as a whole, and other research universities.

Officers: Olivia Beatty, Mary Collins, Dove-Anna Johnson, Burke Lawlor, Karishma Srikanth, Diana Yen, Sabrina Yen


Editor in Chief: Grant Guan

The Oculus is UVA’s only multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal, We accept content from any field, as long as it is original research. The Oculus is run by its Editorial Board, a committee of 15-20 students who read multiple dynamic and exciting papers every week. These papers are at the forefront of research on Grounds, and represent the best of the new knowledge that is coming to light through the work of undergraduates at UVA. Each one of these submitted papers goes through multiple rounds of eliminations, being read by multiple groups of editors from various disciplines and backgrounds. The Editorial Board then decides which of these papers are of the highest quality, edits them for clarity and conciseness, and compiles these into an annual publication. Once the design has been finalized, this publication is made available before finals begin. We have many great submissions this semester, and our Spring 2018 edition is on track to be a great journal.

Editorial Staff: Daniel Ajootian, Kara Anderson, Rachel Dick, Elizabeth Feeser, John Fry, Tarun Ganesh, Jonathan Haynes, Abigail Johnson, Kara Kreiling, Asad Khan, Brian Li, Kelvin Li, Alexander Mink, Rohit Musti, Conner Pike, Tsering Say, Rob Schwartz, Leanne Shen, Riya Simon, Benjamin Winter, Eileen Zheng