URN Fellows

URN Fellows




The URN Fellows Program brings students at similar stages in the research process together for interdisciplinary collaboration. Fellows join intimate research communities in order to refine their ideas, structure their projects, and receive feedback from peers. URN provides catalytic support to Fellows with specialized programming and mentorship opportunities. Most importantly, the URN Fellows Program empowers students to more effectively learn from each other, drawing inspiration and insight from the diverse array of undergraduate research on Grounds.


Fellows will be organized into small (15 – 20-student) cohorts based on their position in the research process. Cohorts will initially be drawn from three student populations:

  • First-Year Prospective Researchers
  • Research Grant Recipients
  • DMP Students

Cohorts will meet tri-weekly (~4 times per semester) for 1.5-hour meetings in the Rotunda Multipurpose Room. Dinner will be provided.  The first half hour of each meeting will be dedicated to a presentation on a relevant topic, often by a Guest Speaker; the following hour will be dedicated to a related workshop.


Sample DMP Programming:*

  • Designing a Thesis Project
    • Presentation: “How to Conduct a Literature Review”
    • Workshop: Contextualizing Possible Research Questions
  • Methodology
    • Presentation: “How Graduate Students Can Help with Methods”
    • Workshop: Which Methods Are Best, and How Can I Employ Them?
  • Writing
    • Presentation: “How to Draft Original Research, Chapter by Chapter”
    • Workshop: Peer Review
  • Revising and Editing
    • Presentation: “The Stages of Revising and Editing”
    • Workshop: Peer Revision/Peer Editing


*Programming for Research Grant Recipients will look similar to the DMP Programming listed here.


Sample First-Year Programming:

  • Getting Started with Research at UVA
    • Presentation: “How to Use the Undergraduate Research Network”
    • Workshop: What Opportunities Match My Research Interests?
  • The Research Cycle
    • Presentation: “From Lab to Grant to Journal”
    • Workshop: What Grants Are Right for Me?
  • Designing an Original Research Project
    • Presentation: “How to Conduct a Literature Review”
    • Workshop: How Do My Interests Translate into a Viable Project?
  • Publication
    • Presentation: “How and Why to Publish Your Research”
    • Workshop: What Local/National Journals Would Be Appropriate?


Direct any questions to uvaurn@gmail.com.