URN Travel Grant


URN Travel Grant

Conference & Workshop Grant

  • Purpose: To provide funding to undergraduates for travel, lodging, and meals related to a research conference or workshop. Students must be presenting at the conference or workshop. This event may be at another institution, but the grant will only apply to domestic travel. Approximately 2-3 awards of up to $300 will be granted on a competitive basis. Applicants must be full time undergraduate students at U.Va. and must remain enrolled at the University through the completion of the funded event. 
  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The Fall 2019 application cycle will run through November 15th and funds can be used for events occurring before February 10th, 2020.  Applications submitted after the Fall 2019 deadline will not be considered. Workshop or conference attendees will be reimbursed for their expenses following the event. Grant awardees will be required to meet with Brian Cullaty, Director of Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, and Edith Conti, Office Manager at the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, prior to departure in order to discuss this process. 


Application Requirements and Checklist:

Please submit the application to bwl3xy@virginia.edu


*Please ask your U.Va faculty mentor to include his or her recommendation in a separate email


Following the conference or workshop, you will be expected to submit proof of attendance and receipts. 


URN Conference & Workshop Grant


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Name of Conference or Workshop: 


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Describe your interest in pursuing research. (250 words max)

Why is this conference or workshop important for your research and why does it interest you? (250 words max)


Please list any other research or travel grants, which you have applied to or plan to apply to. (if applicable)