Workshops Chair

Aman Kapadia

My name is Aman Kapadia and I am the chair of the Workshops Committee. I’m a third year in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in bioethics. I joined URN as a member of the Workshops Committee in the Fall of 2017 and I look forward to helping undergraduate students at UVA develop skills in finding research opportunities and interacting with research materials such as grants and primary literature. Whether it’s research in the humanities or in the sciences, I’m excited to assist students in using UVA’s resources for research to the fullest potential. My engagement with research at UVA occurred during my second year where I began to work with Dr. Mark Beenhakker of the Department of Pharmacology of the School of Medicine. My current research focuses on developing a miniaturized microscope to better understand the role of the thalamus and its neural network during seizures that occur in epilepsy. Outside of research and URN, I am on the Executive Board of the Indian Student Association, and I enjoy playing basketball, working out, and kicking it back with my friends.