UVA Research Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers several grants to students each year to fund their research projects.

Applications and descriptions are linked below:

The Minerva Grant
The College Council is excited to fund projects by students in the College of Arts and Sciences that do not require in-person interaction for up to $1,500. Some examples of permissible types of research activities include funding for software or resources not available to students. Select travel is also eligible for funding (as per University travel guidelines), such as accessing materials at a library or sites relevant to one’s research. Lab research is not eligible for funding at this time. College Council is open to applications that demonstrate other forms of research that do not require in-person interaction.
Deadline: Sunday, April 18th, at 11:59 pm

Community Based Undergraduate Research Grant (CBURG)
“Community based research seeks to foster collaborative partnerships between university researchers and the community, share knowledge among key stakeholders, and address social inequities.”
Deadline: CLOSED

Kenan Fellowship
“This summer grants program supports educational opportunities for students to conduct research projects that increase public understanding of the Academical Village.” The fund will support five awards for $5,000 for full-time research to be conducted in the summer.
Deadline: CLOSED

University Award for Projects in Arts
“The Projects in the Arts award is intended to expand students’ opportunities for creative expression and showcase significant accomplishments in the arts. The program funds outstanding undergraduate projects in the arts to be carried out in the summer and the upcoming academic year.” The grant funds outstanding undergraduate projects in the arts that will be carried out in the summer and the upcoming academic year for awards of up to $3,000
Deadline: CLOSED

The Z Society’s Gilbert J. Sullivan Scholarship:
The Gilbert J. Sullivan Scholarship awards $2,000 to a returning University undergraduate student. The scholarship intends to provide an opportunity for students to take a summer internship otherwise unattainable because of financial constraints. Priority will be given to applicants with a demonstrated financial need.
Submit applications and questions to [email protected]
Deadline for the 1st round is Friday, March 12 at 11:37 PM
Deadline for the 2nd round is Friday, April 23th at 11:37 PM

Double Hoo Award
“The Double Hoo Research Grant supports pairs of undergraduate and graduate scholars seeking to pursue research together. The program is intended to encourage collaborative interaction between the undergraduate and graduate communities throughout the University”. Awards of up to $6000 are granted to undergraduate/graduate pairs.
Deadline: CLOSED

Harrison Undergraduate Research Award Information
“This research awards program funds outstanding undergraduate research projects to be carried out in the summer following application for the award and the subsequent academic year.” Forty awards of up to $4,000 will be granted to current first-, second-, and third-year undergraduate students.”
Deadline: CLOSED

The Global Infectious Diseases Institute Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award: The Global Infectious Diseases Institute will recognize up to 5 undergraduate students for their research work in infectious diseases. Each student will be awarded $250 to honor their work.
Deadline: CLOSED

A compilation of these links and further descriptions can be found here: https://undergraduateresearch.virginia.edu/our-opportunities/grants

Courtesy of the College Council: http://new.collegecounciluva.com/funding/student-research-grants/